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15th Anniversary of X-Men the Animated Series
Last Updated: October 31, 2007 at 12:00 PM Eastern
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of X-Men the Animated Series on the Fox Kids Network.  Originally supposed to premiere earlier in the season, the show underwent multiple production delays.  The first promos for the show even advertised the premiere to air on Saturday, October 24, 1992, but just a few days beforehand, further production delays caused it to be pulled at the last second, with a special airing of Stan Lee and David Oliphant's relatively unknown pilot episode of Solarman airing instead.  Though problems with the first two episodes, including the opening theme, still existed, the first episode 'Night of the Sentinels, Part I' aired the following Saturday on October 31, 1992.  'Night of the Sentinels, Part II' premiered the following week on November 7, 1992.  At the end of the episode, Stan Lee performed a voice over thanking fans for watching the two episode sneak peak of the series and encouraged them to stay tuned for the 'official' premiere of the rest of the series in January of 1993.

X-Men the Animated Series was extremely instrumental in changing the fortunes of the Fox Kids Network.  People often incorrectly credit the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the show that increased the network's ratings and spearheaded its continued win in the demographics, but that show was actually the X-Men once it returned on January 9, 1993.  Despite such success, X-Men was not always a welcomed addition to Saturday mornings.  Margaret Loesch, the President of Fox Kids from 1990-1997, had shopped around the idea of a Saturday morning X-Men program with the Pryde of the X-Men pilot episode back in the late 1980's while she was at Marvel Productions; however, none of the networks would attach themselves to it.  Nevertheless, once Loesch founded the Fox Kids Network, she gave the X-Men the chance she wanted years earlier and her intuition paid off greatly.

Even after all these year, X-Men the Animated Series is remembered for its mature storylines, character development, and unforgettable theme by Ron Wasserman (who also composed the MMPR theme).  Though often plagued with animation problems throughout the entire series (even third season episodes were delayed for months), the series still stands up against current shows and even aired on American airwaves as recently as last year. 

To commemorate such an anniversary, we've interviewed Margaret Loesch (Fox Kids President), Sidney Iwanter (Fox Kids Vice President and Executive in Charge of X-Men), and Eric Lewald (Story Editor) for some inside information on the series. 


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Sidney Iwanter


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