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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How come the videos don't work?  I can hear the audio, but all I see is a black screen!
A: In order to view the video files from this website, you must have the latest version of the DivX Codec.  All of the files are encoded using this codec in order to greatly reduce the file size.  To download, visit and download the latest player.  Download the free do not need to pay for anything.  Furthermore, you should have a program such as WinZip to get access to the videos as all videos are placed into a .zip folder before being made available for download.
Q: Will you be offering full episodes of shows anytime in the near future?
A: I would love to allow others to view shows from their childhood; however I cannot offer downloads of full episodes because it violates copyright laws.
Q: Where do you obtain all your rare clips?
A: The media found on this website comes from a variety of places.  Some video clips are encoded from my personal tapes of shows from the 90's while others are from tape traders, other collectors, and people who are willing to help out. 
Q: I have some tapes/rare clips that could help out your website.  What do I do to help?
A: If you have any information or tapes/video clips of things that are not present on the website, please e-mail me at  Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.
Q: Why do you put your website address as a watermark on the video clips?
A: I really am a purist and would love to offer all of my video clips without any form of watermark on them.  Nevertheless, I must do so in order to prevent other websites from stealing them and uploading them to their servers.  I do believe that as many people as possible should be able to download them (which would support the clips being on multiple servers), but I understand the hard work and dedication that people put into encoding files.  It is a long and arduous process and therefore, people shouldn't just be able to take something with one click, which takes less than a second to do, while another person does all of the hard work in putting that video file together.  I am strongly against stealing from other websites and thus, all images and video found on this server have been made by me personally or if not, credit is given to the rightful person and with their permission.  Furthermore, more people will visit this website if they see the address on the watermark and there is a higher probability that people will come forward with rare clips. 
Q: I remember _______________ being a show from the 90' come you don't have it listed under the alphabetical listing of shows?
A: I do plan on archiving every kid's show from the 90's; however, I don't add shows to the list unless I have a screenshot of the titlescreen for the series.  As soon as this happens, I will add it to the list.

Please e-mail me if you have any additional questions.